The Balican Empire is the territory that the Balican government holds control over, and refers to the government itself and the species living within the empire. The Balican Empire currently holds domain over Zones 10, 7, and three planets in Zone 6.

History Edit

The Balican Empire was founded in Year -75 by a group of Caps who won the influence of the rest of the Cap race, the majority race on the continent Baligu on the planet Baligu. They proceeded to annex neighbouring states through conquest and diplomacy until the continent was under their control. The first Balican Emperor, Haligu, was enthroned and the Balican Empire entered its first golden age.

About 10 years prior to the Great Summoning Event, the planet Baligu became involved in an interplanetary war before developing space capabilities. Species from other star systems sought to conquer the planet for its resources. Paligu, the 5th Balican Emperor, led the Balican forces into battle.

Baligu, a general in the Balican forces, was able to recruit warriors from other planets to aid the Balican cause. Among these were Mu-Kit, Chun Kit, and Kit. The improved technologies and combat techniques brought by these warriors allowed the Balican forces to repel the invasion and force the surrender of enemy forces.

After the war, the vastly improved technologies of the Balican army allowed it to quickly conquer the rest of the planet. Paligu, tired from the war, retired and left Baligu, next in line, to become the 6th Balican Emperor. Chun Kit sold blueprints for the B747, a commercial aircraft, to Baligu. The Balican army used these as troop carriers to conquer the rest of the continents on Baligu, uniting the planet under one government.

GuBu, an engineer in the Balican army, made modifications to the B747 to adapt it for space flight. He founded the company GuBu Tech, and began to manufacture and sell these and other inventions to various factions throughout the various discovered planets. Baligu invested heavily in space exploration, starting the spread of Balican influence throughout the Known Blobverse.

Government Edit

The Balican Emperor is the official leader of the Balican Empire and holds the most executive power. The Balican Emperor has always been a Cap, but members of the Balican Council are made up of Caps, Humanoids, Cuboids, and other species. The Balican Council is made up of representatives from all the planets in the domain of the Balican Empire.