GuBu Technologies, known as GuBu Tech, is a member of the Big Twelve Corporations. Its founder and CEO is GuBu. It is known for many military, industral, transporation, and infrastructure innovations.

Technology Edit

Aircraft, Spacecraft, and Hybrid Air and Spacecraft

Weapons, Tanks, and Heavy Artillery

Ground Based Missile Defence Systems and Nuclear Grade Defence Structures

Nuclear and Antimatter Strike Weaponary

Orbital Defence Systems and Orbital Strike Defences

Mergers and Acquisitions Edit

Nuclear Weapons

Previously owned by Nuke Kit, Nuke-It was a major collaborator with GuBu Tech. Nuke-It developed the nuclear missiles, while GuBu tech provided support for the silos and guidance systems. The merger gave GuBu Tech dominance over the nuclear fission weapons industry.


Panzer Kit and GuBu agreed to a vertical merger to streamline the production of tanks. This led to improved design and cost efficiency of producing an assortment military grade vehicles, mainly tanks.

Failure to Merge with Kit Industries

GuBu and Kit negotiated a possible merger of GuBu Tech and Kit Industries. The resulting company would have gained too much dominance over several key industries. The Star Alliance threatened to impose sanctions on the two companies should the merger have proceeded. To avoid losing its largest customer, the two companies did not merge, but still participate in economy friendly Joint Ventures.