The Heisenberg Equation, abbreviated as ħ, is an equation derived by Heisenberg Kit to calculate the mass-energy dynamics of a quantum system.

tΨ = -[PΨ + (-Π2/2m)∇2Ψ]/(i1Π)

Where: Ψ=wave functionm, P=potential energy, Π=pi constant, m=mass

The equation represents the time evolution of a quantum system when either the partical localization partition function is known, or when the forces acting on the system and the mass energy quantization of the system is known.

Recognition Edit

Heisenberg Kit was awarded the Elon Physics Prize for the formulation of this equation.

Verification Edit

The equation has been verified to be accurate to (1/2)Π by the Institute of Physics in over 1000 studies. The uncertainty limit of (1/2)Π is referred to as the Heisenberg error, which is a limitation of the Heisenberg equation.