The Institution Institution is the collection of five institutions: The Science Institute, The Institute for Trade and Welfare, The Institute for History and Culture, The Military Institute, and The Institute for Peace and Prosperity. It is the highest regulating body in the Known Blobverse, and its decisions supercede all military powers, acting through the Military Institute.

The Institution Institution was founded in Year 100, with the merger of several regulatory agencies that already had similar powers. These included the already existing Justice Department, which became the Institute for Peace and Prosperity, and the Intergalactic Bank, which issued credits, becoming part of the Institute for Trade and Welfare.

The Institution Institution is headquartered in Elemental City on the No Name Homeworld. Most of the workers in the Institution are No Names, because of a No Name's inate tendency to remain neutral. Many of the important leadership positions in the various institutions are filled with leaders in their respecitve fields. One example is Quark Kit, an Elon Physics Prize winner, leading research on matter in the Science Institute. The presence of these leaders signifies that the Institution Institution is governed only by the most talented.