The Kit Alliance is a species specific interplanetary alliance of the Kit species. The Alliance is under the control of the Kit High Council, which has six representatives, one from each of the Kit Home Planets. The Kit High Council is the highest ruling governmental body of the Kit Alliance and has full authority over the lands controlled by the Alliance. 

History Edit

The Kit Empire had been the most expansive and influential faction of Kits since prehistoric times. In Year 56 after the Second Great Kit Fin War, the Kit Empire was forced by the CKL Alliance to adopt an alternate form of government with a Representative Democracy to prevent future abuses of power. The Kit Lords of the Kit Empire agreed and adopted a new government system, where each of the Major Kit subspecies would elect their Kit Lord, who would serve on the Kit High Council. The 52nd King Kit was the last King Kit to hold absolute power, and now only holds an honorary position in the High Council.

Kit High Council MembersEdit

The Kit High Council contains one representative from each of the Kit subspecies that have a home planet. This requirement currently puts the number of seated members at 6, since six of the Kit subspecies have home planets. The title of Supreme Kit Lord is given to one of the members, and grants higher administrative powers. This title can be given through several rites, by election, seniority, or combat challenge. The current Supreme Kit Lord holds the title by election and seniority.

Kit Lords are hailed almost religiously as gods by their Kit subjects. They are viewed as omnipotent rulers and obeying the command of a Kit Lord is one of a Kit's top priority.    

Current Members

Kit (Supreme Kit Lord, Fire Kit Lord)

Shadow Kit (Shadow Kit Lord)

Tree Kit (Forrest Kit Lord)

Draco Kit (Dragon Kit Lord)

Hydro Kit (Aqua Kit Lord) 

Gem Kit (Earth Kit Lord)  

Honorary Members

King Kit

Pending Members

Palladium Kit (See: Steel Kit Independence Movement)