Krap Ponds are the preferred habitation of Kraps, and are located on almost all planets and moons with fresh water. Krap ponds are used by Kraps to travel between each of the different Krap ponds in the Blobverse. Only Kraps are allowed to use these teleportation capabilities, and this advantage has allowed the Kraps to function as great messanger species.

Habitat Edit

Krap ponds can vary from housing only a few kraps, to being the largest lake on certain plaets, capable of housing millions of kraps. Krap ponds can have unknown depths, and can consist of a network of great lakes and rivers with waterfalls. The Kraps have developed simplistic variety to adapt to each varying terrain.

Some of the deepest Krap ponds are thought to have the mysterious portaling capability of the Kraps, but it is a closely guarded Krap secret.

Messaging Edit

The Kraps made exceptionally good messangers, being able to communicate through different planets faster than the speed of light. Before, Krap Communications was an extremely profitable company, with market value above some of today's Big Twelve Corporations. In Year 50, The Krap Grand Council voted to make communications free. Now, the Kraps offer free communications to all allies as long as one can deliver and pick up the message.