Amidst the Steel Kit Independence Movement in Year 165, a Kit Industries satellite exploded in the atmosphere above Manganese City on planet Z13O2LP. The satellite was nuclear powered, and over 6000 Steel Kits were killed in the explosion, and several hundred thousand Steel Kits in the city and surrounding areas suffer from corrosion damage.

Indicents Edit

Satellite Launch

Kit Industries attempted to launch a nuclear powered satellite into orbit of Z13O2LP. Allegedly, this launch was in response to the recent installation of a GuBu Tech orbital defence system on the planets, contracted by the Steel Kits.


A few seconds after the launch, a GuBu Tech defence satellite fired an automated defensive response on the Kit Industries satellite, causing it to explode over Manganese City. The explosion spread radioactive contaminents over a 100km radius above the city and surrounding areas. Over 6000 Steel Kits were killed, and many more suffer from corrosion damage.


An investigation of the GuBu Tech satellite logs shows that the satellite marked the Kit Industries launch as a nuclear threat and issued an automatic destruction response. An investigation of the blueprints and construction logs of the Kit Industries satellite shows that the satellite's reactor was powered by uranium, but did not contain any uranium based weaponary.


A majority of Steel Kits blame Kit Industries and the Kit Alliance for the disaster. Several large demonstrations have occured around the planet, and a few small demonstrations have also faulted GuBu Tech and called for the reversal of the Kit Industries Vs. No Violence Group ruling.