The Order of the Krap Monks is a high ranking group of Krap who serve as the leaders of the species. The Order is said to be over 1000 years old. Currently there are 48 Krap in the Order.

Titles Edit

There are five cirlces within the Order, Wisdom, Peace, Prosperity, Justice, and Kindness. Within each circle, a Grand Krap serves as the leader, followed by High Krap Monk, followed by Krap Monk, followed by Krap Apprentice. Sometimes, a High Grand Krap position is offered in exceptional circumstances. The Five Grand Kraps (and High Grand Kraps if available) are considered the most important members of the Krap race, and are revered almost religiously.

Notable Members Edit

Magikrap, Grand Krap of Wisdom

Krapfish, Grand Krap of Peace

Salmon Krap, Grand Krap of Prosperity

Steam Boat Krap, High Grand Krap of Prosperity

Piso Krap, Grand Krap of Kindness

Pisces Krap, Grand Krap of Justice

Just Krap, High Grand Krap of Justice