Sprout Towers is a corporate collective founded and operated by Sprout Kit. It is a member of the Big Twelve corporations, and supplies over 90% of foodstocks consumed in zones 1-30. Sprout Towers make use of their epynomous technology, the Sprout Tower.


Sprout TowerEdit

The Sprout Tower is a bioorganic structure grown as a vertically expansive agricultural buildling. They can be up to 60 m in diameter, and 1 km tall. Sprout Towers capture light, water, air, and other nutrients from their surroundings and distribute them through a vascular system. The insides of the sprout towers house a network of vasculature to feed its in grown plants. A single sprout tower can yield several tons of food per week, and over 100 different secies of crop can be grown in a spout tower at once.

Sprout towers are responsible for eliminating hunger in the blobverse. Sprout Kit was awarded the Elon Biology Prize for this work.

Environmentalism Edit

Since the growth of Sprout Towers throughout the various planetary systems, conservation of each planet's ecosystem has drastically improved.