Squad 2 is a squad of kits, consisting of five main members, Kit-kit, Yes Kit, Noo Kit, Nothing Kit, and Boo Kit.

The squad is one of the most well known and popular Squads of the young kit generation.

Squad 2

Core members of Squad 2

Kit-kit Edit

-Insists on the hyphen and lowercase second name

-Super cool leader of squad

-Badass because of thee powers: plant, fire, and air affinity

-Lowkey is child of the most powerful Kit in the galaxy

Yes Kit Edit

-Protagonist of group

-Always cheery

-Has fire and electric affinity

-Is human weeb's ship for Kit-kit

Noo Kit Edit

-Antagonist of group

-Always angry

-Has electric and air affinity


Nothing Kit Edit

-Super spoopy

-Will randomly spoop anyone

-Smartest in squad

-Has shadow and ice powers so literally the chillest in group

Boo Kit Edit

-Very big for a Kit

-Muscle of the group

-Uses physical strength in combat, but can use earth and fire if necessary