The Stock Kit Stock [STS] is a stock that lets people bet on the net worth of Stock Kit, the richest being in the Blobverse. The value of the Stock Kit stock keeps increasing, because Stock Kit's net worth keeps increasing. However, there have been intances in the past where the Stock Kit Stock's value decreased sharply, due to exuberant purchaes by Stock Kit, or failed investments.

Stock Crashes Edit

-The purchase of an entire planet, Moneyland, resulted in a 50% decrease in value

-The purchase of the Zone 19 asteroid belt resulted in a 40% decrease in value, and a stagnation of the index for 2 years

-The formation of the Fish Alliance, which Stock Kit was betting against, resulted in a 20% decrease in value due to failed investments with the Fin Corporation

-The failure of GuBu Tech and Kit Industries to merge resulted in in the largest Stock Kit crash, an 80% decrease in value over the peroid of one year